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Climate Action Plan

Headshot of County Executive Bello

“The launch of our Climate Action Plan fulfills a promise I made to combat the impacts of climate change on our region, securing a healthier future for our children. This plan will build on our current operations to continue our reduction on greenhouse gasses. Our success will be a guide for businesses and other municipalities as they embark on similar initiatives. Thank you to the Monroe County Legislature and Climate Action Plan Advisory Committee for their work on this important plan.” - County Executive Bello

creating the
roadmap for 
climate solutions

phase I (county government operations)

In 2022, Monroe County completed Phase I of the Climate Action Plan. The purpose of this phase was to identify and prioritize goals, strategies and initiatives that will reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from County-owned sites, facilities, and operations.

phase II (communitywide)

HAPPENING NOW! Monroe County continues to work toward creating resilient and sustainable communities across the region, and as such, is now moving on to Phase II of the Climate Action Plan. Phase II will be communitywide, and its focus will be broadened to GHG emission sources throughout the county – including housing, private industry operations, transportation infrastructure, etc.


A climate action plan is a comprehensive, strategic effort to address and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere and the related environmental and climatic impacts associated with rising GHGs.

what is the difference between
phase I & phase II?

phase I

began May 2020, plan was adopted September 2022

focuses on GHG emissions from County-owned facilities, infrastructure & operations

includes goals & actions County has direct control over

first step for County to be a climate action leader in our region

phase II

process currently ongoing with an anticipated adoption by end of 2023

focus broadened to GHG emission sources throughout the county, such as housing, private industry operations, transportation infrastructure, etc.

will include community outreach & engagement with implementation partners

Without taking action, by 2099, Monroe County can expect to experience...

11̊F increase in annual high temp

4X more heat wave events

100% increase in 1" precipitation events

why does Monroe County need a CAP?

climate action co-benefits

improve public health

reduce carbon emissions

save money

in the news

check here for project-related news 

Monroe County is proud to announce it has become a 2023 New York State Bronze Certified Climate Smart Community!

On April 21, 2023, Monroe County officially earned its title as a Bronze Climate Certified Smart Community. The Climate Smart Communities program supports local efforts to meet the economic, social, and environmental challenges posed by climate change. To achieve Climate Smart Certification, Monroe County accumulated points for planning and implementing actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve community resilience to the worsening impacts of climate change. The County successfully met the criteria, earning a total of 157 points from 21 completed actions.


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